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Our Vision

Expressing our passion and love for fashion, jewelry, and accessories by curating a​ continuous stream of fresh merchandise with quality in mind. 

Our Brands

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Vince Camuto Logo
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Three ladies wearing Guess jewelry and accessories
GUESS logo
TTAHARI model leaning on a chair
TTahari logo

Brand and Private Label Capabilities


Designers who know how to make us go "Wow".

We are proud to have exceptionally dynamic, innovative, talented, design and merchant teams. 

We know how to seamlessly flow with rapidly changing fashion trends, products, packaging, and customized displays. You can count on us to design and present trend-right items and solutions that drive sales. 

Extensive Product Variety Available

Product Scope


Count on us to bring it.
Our varying product classifications make us ambitious but adaptable to fulfill made-to-order requests.

We are masters of product mix and can easily bounce from high-end to specialty accessories, as you desire. Trust us to produce a continuous stream of fresh merchandise and a mixture of products to satisfy various customers.


Our experienced and dedicated in-house and overseas teams are a combination of compliance specialists, quality auditors, and operational experts who assist with sourcing, inspecting, and shipping over 15 Million units of jewelry per year. 

The Providence warehouse consistently executes thousands of EDI orders, weekly.

Efficient flow and storage of goods from point of origin to consumption

What Sets Us Apart

K&M Accessories


Excellent Fulfillment

Design Visionaries

Trend Forward

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